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Authors: K.A. Lee, J. Namkung, Moon Chul Kim
Abstract: The effects of structural relaxation and partial crystallization on the mechanical property of the Ti40Zr29Cu9Ni8Be14 bulk metallic glass (BMG) have been investigated. The atomic structure of the as-cast Ti40Zr29Cu9Ni8Be14 metallic glass transforms into a more relaxed state at the temperature region of 452 –585 K, below the crystallization onset temperature of 631 K. Stable icosahedral phase forms in the amorphous matrix by growth of the pre-existing nuclei in the amorphous matrix during first crystallization step. The compressive plastic strain of the as-cast Ti40Zr29Cu9Ni8Be14 BMG is 6.7 %, and decreases when the structural relaxation occurs. However, the plastic strain increases when a few nanometer size icosahedral phase particles form in the amorphous matrix by the partial crystallization treatment.
Authors: K.A. Lee, Young Won Chang, Chong Soo Lee
Abstract: A series of tensile and load relaxation behaviors in B2 type β-CuZn alloy have been examined to clarify the strain rate & the temperature dependence of yield stress anomaly. As strain rate increased, the anomalous peak moved to a higher stress and temperature region. The anomalous yielding region below peak temperature (Tp) revealed slightly positive strain rate dependence, while the region above Tp showed considerably positive strain rate dependence. Based on the different tendency of temperature and strain rate dependence of anomalous yielding, two types of deformation modes were suggested and incorporated into the yield stress vs. temperature curve analysis, which was in accord well with the experimental results. The less sensitive strain rate dependence of yield stress anomaly indicated that the yield stress anomalous behavior in β-CuZn alloy mainly seemed to be attributed to the vacancy hardening.
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