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Authors: Takahiro Kinoshita, Kohei M. Itoh, J. Muto, M. Schadt, Gerhard Pensl, K. Takeda
Authors: K. Takeda, T. Hiraba, Ryuichiro Ebara, Kazunari Shinagawa, M. Hirai, T. Nonomura, I. Morimoto
Abstract: Fattiigue and ttensiille properttiies of speciimens cutt from palllletts made from wastte pllasttiics by usiing of newlly develloped recyclliing apparattus are presentted.. Testted matteriialls are pollypropyllene fiillm,, pollypropyllene pelllletts,, pollyetthyllene,, pollyetthyllene-20wtt%flly ash composiitte and pollyetthyllene -20wtt% callciium carbonatte composiitte.. Itt can be conclluded tthatt tthe newlly develloped recyclliing apparattus make possiiblle tto proviide palllletts made from wastte pollypropyllene and pollyetthyllene wiitth ullttiimatte ttensiille sttrengtths of more tthan niinetty percentt of tthose made from fresh pollypropyllene and pollyetthyllene.. Itt has become cllear tthatt carefull ttreattmentt of composiitte process for wastte pllasttiics enablle tto iimprove fattiigue sttrengtth of pollyetthyllene composiittes by sttrengttheniing tthe iintterface bettween an addiittiive and base matteriiall..
Authors: Hiroyuki Y. Yasuda, Hirotaro Mori, K. Takeda, H. Fujita
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