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Authors: K. Tanaka, M. Hara, Yasu Yogo, Kou Nakanishi, Carlos Capdevila
Abstract: The kinetics of phase transformations in medium-carbon forging steels (MCFS) have been modeled based on CALPHAD multicomponent thermodynamics and the classical nucleation-growth theory. New treatments include the time dependency of parabolic growth rate of proeutectoid ferrite (α) , which account for the soft impingement effect by carbon enrichment in austenite (γ). And a potential transition of γ/α interface equilibrium has also been considered depending on temperatures and velocity of the moving interface. To make a realistic prediction of the onset of pearlite (P) transformation, a normal distribution of γ grain size has been assumed and successive α→P transformation kinetics in each grain size have been summated. The developed program coupled with thermodynamic solver, 'ThermoCalc', calculated the isothermal kinetics of MCFS and has been found to predict well the effect of minor difference of chemical composition / holding temperatures.
Authors: Yasu Yogo, K. Tanaka, Hideaki Ikehata, Noritoshi Iwata, Kou Nakanishi, T. Ishikawa
Abstract: Based on the solute drag model, a practical model incorporating the segregation effect is proposed to calculate grain growth rates in carbon steels. The segregation effect is modeled using two factors: the difference in atomic diameter between a solvent and a substitutional element, and the solubility of a substitutional element. By including the segregation energy, the proposed model enables the simulated retardation of grain growth by the addition of microalloying elements. The calculated grain growth rate by the proposed model shows reasonable correspondence between grain growth rates for experimental and calculated results. The temperature dependence of the grain growth rate is also well simulated.
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