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Authors: Eiichi Sato, H. Morioka, Kazuhiko Kuribayashi, D. Sundararaman
Authors: Shinya Kamimura, Koichi Kitazono, Eiichi Sato, Kazuhiko Kuribayashi
Abstract: A new application of superplasticity was proposed in the manufacturing process of metal foams. Preform sheets were manufactured using superplastic 5083 aluminum alloy sheets through accumulative roll-bonding (ARB) process. Microcellular aluminum foam plates with 50% porosity were produced through solid-state foaming under the superplastic condition. The cell shape was oblate spheroid, which is effective to reduce the thermal conductivity. The present aluminum foam plates have a potential as an excellent heat insulator.
Authors: Masayuki Tsukada, Eiichi Sato, Kazuhiko Kuribayashi
Abstract: Fracture behavior under multiaxial stress state of polycrystalline alumina was studied from the view point of an artificial crack propagation and fracture from a natural flaw. The former was studied by mixed-mode fracture toughness tests; asymmetric four-point bending and diametral compression techniques were carried out using precracked and notched specimens. The latter was studied by biaxial fracture tests in compression and torsion loading; multiaxial fracture statistics was applied to the measured fracture envelope. The ratio KIIC/KIC obtained from the biaxial tests was higher than that obtained by the mixed-mode fracture toughness tests. It revealed that the fracture from an artificial flaw does not simulate the fracture from a naturall flaw in polycrystalline ceramics.
Authors: K. Nagashio, Hitoshi Takamura, Kazuhiko Kuribayashi
Authors: Zeng Yun Jian, Kazuhiko Kuribayashi, Wan Qi Jie
Abstract: The images of the growing crystal in the growth process of the undercooled droplets of silicon were lively recorded by using a high-speed camera. The number of crystal that nucleated spontaneously from the undercooled liquid was found to decrease to 1 when the undercooling was higher than 5K. The morphology of the growing single crystal of silicon was a thin plate. A model for predicting the critical undercooling of growing single crystal of silicon from undercooled liquid has been developed. The theoretically predicted value of the undercooling from present model for silicon is in agreement with the experimentally measured result.
Authors: M. Valsan, Eiichi Sato, Kazuhiko Kuribayashi
Authors: Koichi Kitazono, Eiichi Sato, Kazuhiko Kuribayashi
Authors: Kazuhiko Kuribayashi, Y. Inatomi, S. Endoh, H. Sakuta
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