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Authors: Shoichi Oyama, Kenji Tamura, Takafumi Kitazawa, Kazumi Minagawa, Akihiko Yamagishi
Abstract: The Expandable Mica was Modified with a Melamine Hydrochloride Salt at 60°C for Three Hours. the Resulting Melamine-Modified Mica (MME) was Melt-Kneaded with Polyamide 6 (PA6) Using a Twin-Screw Kneader at 250°C. the Addition of MME to the PA6 Matrix Resulted in a Finer Dispersion, as Evidenced by the Disappearance of the (001) Reflections in the XRD Patterns and TEM Image. the Tensile Modulus of MME/PA Nanocomposite (including 4.1 Mass % Mica) Increased by Approximately 1.8 Times Compared with that of the Neat PA6, which can be Attributed to the Increasing of the Exfoliated Silicate Platelets and the Dominating of the γ Crystalline Form in the Nanocomposites.
Authors: Kenji Tamura, Hikaru Uno, Hirohisa Yamada
Abstract: The effect of natural mica on the morphology and properties of polyamide 6 (PA-6) nanocomposites was examined. Natural mica (sericite) acquired from a well-known mine in Shimane, Japan was ion-exchanged with an alkyl amine hydrochloride compound. The resulting organomica was extruded with PA-6 using a twin-screw extruder. Quantitative analysis of TEM photomicrographs of the nanocomposite reveal a fairly large average particle length and a higher degree of platelet exfoliation for the natural mica-based nanocomposite compared to the clay version, thus translating into a higher particle aspect ratio. The resulting nanomica/PA-6 composite exhibits a high degree of mica exfoliation and improved thermal mechanical properties.
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