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Authors: Konstantin Vassilevski, A.V. Zorenko, Konstantinos Zekentes, Katerina Tsagaraki, Edwige Bano, C. Banc, Alexander A. Lebedev
Authors: N.I. Kuznetsov, D. Bauman, A. Gavrilin, Liliana Kassamakova, Roumen Kakanakov, G. Sarov, T. Cholakova, Konstantinos Zekentes, Ventzislav I. Dimitrov
Authors: Anatoly M. Strel'chuk, A.V. Mashichev, Alexander A. Lebedev, A.N. Volkova, Konstantinos Zekentes
Abstract: The forward current was investigated in 4H-SiC p+n structures grown by sublimation epitaxy. The doping level, Nd-Na, of the n-layer was about (3-4)x1016 cm-3 and the diode area was in the range from 1x10-5 to 2x10-4 cm2. The observed current can be considered as current due to bulk recombination in the space charge region of the pn junction via deep level center or due to surface recombination. The criterion which was performed in this study to differentiate such currents was the investigation of recombination current versus perimeter/area ratio dependence. It was found that no pronounced difference in the recombination current parameters for diodes with different perimeter/area ratio was observed, i.e. current due to surface recombination was not observed for the 4H-SiC pn structures investigated.
Authors: Mykola S. Boltovets, Volodymyr V. Basanets, A.V. Zorenko, Valentyn A. Krivutsa, Nicolas Camara, V.O. Orechovskij, V.I. Simonchuk, Konstantinos Zekentes
Abstract: The results of mathematical simulation, development and investigation of a modulator with 4H SiC pin diodes are presented. We simulated the effect of bias modes on isolation and transmission between the modulator input and output in the 1−20 GHz frequency range, for pin diodes with 6 μm long i-region. It was calculated that the isolation in a modulator with three diodes may run into –45 dB, the transmission losses being no more than 2 dB. The modulator was made as an integrated circuit (IC) on the basis of nonsymmetrical strip lines (characteristic impedance of 50 Ω) incorporating chips of high-voltage 4H SiC pin diodes with iregion 6 μm long, mesa diameter of 60 μm and calculated avalanche breakdown voltage of 1000 V. We studied the experimental parameters of this modulator as a function of forward current and reverse voltage in the 2.4−12 GHz frequency range, as well as the microwave signal switching behavior. It was determined that the modulator is characterized by transmission losses of 1.0−2.0 dB and isolation of 27−34 dB (in the 2.4−7 GHz frequency range). The formation of microwave pulses with leading (trailing) edge of 22 (29) ns was also observed.
Authors: Gheorghe Brezeanu, M. Brezeanu, F. Udrea, G. Amaratunga, C. Boianceanu, M. Badila, Konstantinos Zekentes, Adi Visoreanu
Abstract: A classical implementation of the field plate technique is the oxide ramp termination. This paper presents for the first time a comparison between SiC and diamond Schottky barrier diodes (SBD) using this termination. The influences of the ramp angle and oxide thickness on the diodes electrical performance are investigated for both punch-through (PT) and non punch-through (nPT) structures. The efficiency of the termination is also evaluated.
Authors: Aurelie Thuaire, Michel Mermoux, Edwige Bano, Alexandre Crisci, Francis Baillet, Konstantinos Zekentes
Abstract: Raman spectroscopy and photoemission microscopy were coupled as two complementary non-destructive optical techniques in order to study biased 4H-SiC pin diodes. These two characterization tools have been largely used for the study of semiconductors but the combination of these two techniques has hardly been reported so far. Some structural defects inducing the same electrical damage could be discriminated and identified. Temperature could be measured in operating devices and the influence of the diode operating mode on the Raman signal could be evidenced.
Authors: Nicolas Camara, Edwige Bano, Konstantinos Zekentes
Authors: M. Kayambaki, Konstantinos Zekentes, Katerina Tsagaraki, Etienne Pernot, Rositza Yakimova
Authors: Konstantinos Zekentes, M. Kayambaki, S. Mousset
Authors: M. Kayambaki, Konstantinos Zekentes
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