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Authors: K. Sato, K. Ito, Kouichi Hirata, Run Sheng Yu, Yoshinori Kobayashi
Authors: Yoshinori Kobayashi, Cai-Lin Wang, Kouichi Hirata, N. Kouchi
Authors: Sergey V. Stepanov, Vsevolod Byakov, Cai-Lin Wang, Yoshinori Kobayashi, Kouichi Hirata
Authors: K. Sato, Hideoki Murakami, K. Ito, Kouichi Hirata, Yoshinori Kobayashi
Abstract: Age-momentum correlation (AMOC) spectroscopy, which can sensitively probe momentum distributions of positrons and positronium (Ps), was conducted for studying the pick-off process of the triplet bound state ortho-Ps (o-Ps) with electrons at the walls of the free volume holes. Influences of different chemical elements forming free volume and the size of the free volume are investigated. It is found that the momentum distribution of o-Ps pick off annihilation sensitively depends on the electronic state. The feasibility of the chemical analysis relevant to the free volume in insulating materials is discussed.
Authors: Takayuki Kobayashi, W. Zheng, Kouichi Hirata, Takahito Suzuki
Authors: Run Sheng Yu, Toshiyuki Ohdaira, Yoshinori Kobayashi, Ryoichi Suzuki, K. Ito, Kouichi Hirata, Kimiyasu Sato
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