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Authors: Yusuke Maeyama, Kouichi Nishikawa, Yusuke Fukuda, Masaaki Shimizu, Masashi Sato, J. Ono, Hiroaki Iwakuro
Abstract: The characteristics of Ni, Monel (Ni-Cu alloy, Ni55mol%-Cu45mol%), Monel/Si, Ni/Ti/Ni and Mo electrodes were studied for ohmic contact to C-face N-type 4H-SiC. Low contact resistivity (ρC) was not compatible with reduction of graphite precipitation in the case of Ni, Monel, Ni/Ti/Ni, and Mo electrodes. Monel/Si achieved less graphite precipitation and low ρC, which is enough to apply for actual rectifier, because a Monel/Si electrode forms a silicide without reaction between the deposits and the substrate.
Authors: Yusuke Fukuda, Kouichi Nishikawa, Masaaki Shimizu, Hiroaki Iwakuro
Authors: Kouichi Nishikawa, Masaaki Shimizu, Brian Foster, Hiroaki Iwakuro
Authors: Yoshihiro Hirata, Kouichi Nishikawa, Y. Fukushige, Masahiko Tajika
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