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Authors: Dong Soo Kim, Sang Kyu Bae, Kyung Hyun Choi
Abstract: The fluidic muscle cylinder consists of an air bellows tube, flanges and lock nuts. Its features are softness of material and motion, simplicity of structure, low production cost and high power efficiency. Recently, unlike the pneumatic cylinder, the fluidic muscle cylinder without air leakage, stick slip, friction or seals was developed as a new concept actuator. It has characteristics such as light weight, low price, high response, durable design, long life, high power and high contraction. In this study, we carried out finite element modeling and analysis on the main design variables such as contraction ratio and force, and diameter increment of the fluidic muscle cylinder. On the basis of finite element analysis, the prototype fluidic muscle cylinder was fabricated and tested. Finally, we compared the test results with the finite element analysis.
Authors: Won Hee Lee, Dong Soo Kim, Young Jin Ahn, Byung Oh Choi, Kyung Hyun Choi
Abstract: In order to develop more elaborate and speedy system for large objects than existing selective laser sintering (SLS), this study applies a new selective dual-laser sintering process. It contains a 3-axis dynamic focusing scanner system for scanning large area instead of the existing fθ lens. As sintering parameters, the sintering temperature, the laser beam power and the layer thickness have a great influence on sintering of the polymer and metal powder. This paper will address the development of a solid freeform fabrication (SFF) system employing the dual laser system. Experiments were performed to evaluate the effect of a scanning path and to fabricate the large-sized object.
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