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Authors: Le Hua Wang, Jian Wu Li, Ying Xia Li, Jia Cheng Wang, Jian Rong Li, Min Zhu
Abstract: After the excavation of abutment slope, the stress redistributed and the rock mass quality degradation damaged. According to fore-and-aft change of stresses for excavation, the authors divided excavation area and chose suitable mechanical parameters of rock mass for different excavation area. We used theory and methods of unloading rock mass mechanics and used elastic-plastic viscous damage mechanics model to give 2-D finite element analysis of stress and strain for typical profiles. And then we analyzed the changes of stress and deformation of the slope at nature and unloading conditions, analyzed deformation and stability at different reinforcement areas of the slope to choose reasonable reinforcement area. Strengthening plans of rock mass are analyzed and compared to choose reasonable reinforcement plan. The research results herein can offer beneficial reference for the design and the construction engineers.
Authors: Zhao Rong Jiang, Le Hua Wang
Abstract: The orthogonal design can make sites in the test range uniformly distributed, which is introduced to slope sensitivity analysis, and can greatly reduce the test times and gets a good test effect.The paper takes the flood discharging tunnel import slope of Jinchuan hydropower station for example, which is a rock slope. This article selects the bulk density, internal friction angle, cohesion, earthquake acceleration four factors to design the orthogonal experiment, and the safety factor of the slope as a test indicators, using the simplified Bishop method of limit equilibrium theory to calculate the safety factor and analyses the slope sensitivity. The results show that the cohesion and earthquake acceleration are the most sensitive factors, and have a very significant impact on the slope stability.
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