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Authors: Lei Zhang, H.Z. Jiang, H.R. Li
Abstract: The development of a flight simulator is a challenging work because of its complexity and tremendous cost. We implement a prototype composed of PC cluster and have proved its coordination character as a flight training device. This paper describes the architecture of the flight simulator, the software development tools and hardware platform. These software and hardware constitute a PC based simulation environment and make the expense of the simulation application affordable. We also present the simulation modeling process. For the integrity of the cueing system, we designed a virtual prototype of motion system and connected it to the flight simulator. The integrated system gave us a chance to testify the coordination of the simulator. The verification method and result are presented to show the feasibility of the design based on PC.
Authors: Xiao Lin Dai, Yi Chen, Lei Zhang
Abstract: A novel 3-DOF parallel mechanism is presented and the inverse kinematics is derived by using geometric constraint between each rods. The co-simulation based on ADAMS is proceeded to verify the correctness of the inverse kinematics. This algorithm is the basis for the application of such parallel mechanism.
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