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Authors: Lena Ryde, Joacim Hagström, W. Bevis Hutchinson
Abstract: Work has been carried out at KIMAB to determine the best, industrially feasible, conditions for producing TRIP steel sheet with the aim of obtaining a tensile strength of 600 MPa and a ductility of 30% through a hot-dip galvanising process schedule. Two of the most promising steels were selected to study the microstructures and to follow the transformation from ferrite to austenite in more detail, as well as to examine the stability of the austenite during deformation. This investigation has been performed mainly with the aid of the EBSD technique.
Authors: Lena Ryde, W. Bevis Hutchinson, Tomoji Kumano
Abstract: Island grains have been studied in iron samples that had been treated by critical-strainannealing and in commercial silicon iron alloy sheets after incomplete secondary recrystallisation. Such islands remain behind because their boundaries have such a low mobility that the grains cannot shrink away in the time available during annealing. Misorientations of these islands in relation to the grains surrounding them were measured using EBSD. Similar results were observed in both materials. A small number of low angle boundaries were found and also many twin boundaries. The most remarkable observation, however, was the presence of many general high angle boundaries that did not correspond to any evident coincidence relation.
Authors: W. Bevis Hutchinson, Lena Ryde, Pete S. Bate
Abstract: The mechanisms by which textures can be inherited in transformed phases are discussed in the light of different transformation mechanisms. Possible origins of variant selection in the different cases are reviewed and classified. Evidence is presented for a hitherto unsuspected source of variant selection that arises from the stresses which are generated during transformation due to the presence of micro-segregation. Some model predictions show the potential effect of this phenomenon on textures in bainite or martensite.
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