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Authors: Yu Zhu Li, Leonid Fursin, J. Wu, Petre Alexandrov, Jian Hui Zhao
Authors: J. Wu, Leonid Fursin, Yu Zhu Li, Petre Alexandrov, Jian Hui Zhao
Authors: Jian Hui Zhao, Leonid Fursin, Petre Alexandrov, Larry X. Li, M. Weiner
Authors: Jian Hui Zhang, Leonid Fursin, Xue Qing Li, Xiao Hui Wang, Jian Hui Zhao, Brenda L. VanMil, Rachael L. Myers-Ward, Charles R. Eddy, D. Kurt Gaskill
Abstract: This work reports 4H-SiC bipolar junction transistor (BJT) results based upon our first intentionally graded base BJT wafer with both base and emitter epi-layers continuously grown in the same reactor. The 4H-SiC BJTs were designed to improve the common emitter current gain through the built-in electrical fields originating from the grading of the base doping. Continuously-grown epi-layers are also believed to be the key to increasing carrier lifetime and high current gains. The 4H-SiC BJT wafer was grown in an Aixtron/Epigress VP508, a horizontal hot-wall chemical vapor deposition reactor using standard silane/propane chemistry and nitrogen and aluminum dopants. High performance 4H-SiC BJTs based on this initial non-optimized graded base doping have been demonstrated, including a 4H-SiC BJT with a DC current gain of ~33, specific on-resistance of 2.9 mcm2, and blocking voltage VCEO of over 1000 V.
Authors: Petre Alexandrov, B. Wright, M. Pan, M. Weiner, Leonid Fursin, Jian Hui Zhao
Authors: Jian Hui Zhao, Kiyoshi Tone, Larry X. Li, Petre Alexandrov, Leonid Fursin, M. Weiner
Authors: Larry X. Li, Leonid Fursin, Jian Hui Zhao, Petre Alexandrov, M. Pan, M. Weiner, Terry Burke, G. Khalil
Authors: Yan Bin Luo, Leonid Fursin, Jian Hui Zhao, Petre Alexandrov, B. Wright, M. Weiner
Authors: Leonid Fursin, Xue Qing Li, Xing Huang, Ke Zhu, William Simon, Anup Bhalla
Abstract: To address stringent performance and reliability requirements of industrial and traction power conversion systems we have developed planar 3,300V MOSFETs at a 6-inch SiC-compatible silicon CMOS foundry. By optimizing the unit cell structure and using a deep current-spreading layer we demonstrated a low MOSFET specific on-resistance RDSA=11.2 mΩ·cm2 (ID=5A, VGS=15V) and fast switching for the baseline design. Robust short-circuit handling (7.5μs at Vds=1500V and 5.0μs at Vds=2200V) was demonstrated with an alternative unit cell design with RDSA=14.8 mΩ·cm2 (ID=5A, VGS=15V).
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