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Authors: Cai Juan Zhang, Li Gang Wang, Ling Nan Wu, Tong Liu, Qiang Lu, Chang Qing Dong
Abstract: With the social rapid development, the earth's limited primary energy such as coal, oil, natural gas etc will be exhausted; energy problem has caused worldwide widespread attention. Therefore, under the development of renewable energy, without exception, each country is actively trying to explore the new theory and using energy-saving and technology to improve energy utilization ratio and reduce the energy consumption and the harm on environment. Scientific analysis of energy saving is an important link of digging energy saving potential, effective energy analysis method plays a pivotal role in implementing saving energy. This paper summarized several energy analysis methods on the basis of the first and second law of thermodynamics, introduced the most widely used enthalpy analysis method, entropy analysis, exergy analysis and exergy economic analysis which are based on the second law of thermodynamics, introduced emphatically the specific consumption analysis theory development with exergy analysis and exergy economic analysis.
Authors: Qin Liang Tan, Cai Juan Zhang, Xiao Ying Hu, Li Gang Wang, Qiang Lu, Chang Qing Dong
Abstract: Biomass direct combustion power generation is the most simple but effective way in dealing with environmental issues and energy crisis. A comprehensive diagnosis with accurate evaluation of energy saving potential of a given biomass power plant is of great importance in lowing the cost of generating electricity, reducing the consumption of energy and pollutant emissions [1]. This paper throws light upon an innovative energy consumption diagnosis method-the specific consumption analysis theory, which is based on the First and Second law of thermodynamics [2,3]. Taking a given biomass power plant of National Energy Group as an example, mathematical models are made based on all the components and processes. The specific consumption analysis theory is employed to calculate the specific consumption within the biomass power plant using design parameters under design operating conditions, thus demonstrating the specific consumption distribution in the power plant, which provides theoretical basis for energy-saving and optimization in biomass power plant.
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