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Authors: Tao Xi, Jian Jun Li, Li Jing Wang, Ming Hua Shi
Abstract: The accuracy and efficiency of case retrieval decline with individuality and diversity of customer needs in current product configuration design. To cope with this problem, this paper proposes the method of case retrieval based on NRS and KNN. Firstly, setting neighbor value can effectively avoid errors generated by discretization of continuous attributes in classical RS. Secondly, NRS is used for redundant reduction and weight allocation of attributes, and to calculate distance of each sample points by weighted distance. Thirdly, K similar cases are selected according to Euclidean distance with weight, then the case that meet customer needs best is acquired. Lastly, product configuration of coal mining machine is used to illustrate that accuracy and efficiency of the method are superior to the existing methods of case retrieval.
Authors: Li Jing Wang, Tao Xi, Yin Feng Zhou, Run Hua Tan
Abstract: Most of present product module partition methods are based on product function partition and use fuzzy clustering algorithm, but these methods are not only complex in implementation but also difficult to meet the requirements of product development oriented to product lifecycle. By analyzing interactive effects of product components in product lifecycle, a new method for product module partition is put forward. Firstly, LSSVC which has fast calculation speed and high accuracy is used to illustrate the generating process of modules, so several module partition schemes are obtained. Secondly, module partition schemes which are got by LSSVC and other methods of module partition are evaluated to get the most reasonable module partition scheme. Finally, widely-used speed reducer as an example is provided to illustrate the validity and rationality of the proposed approach.
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