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Authors: Li Long Yan, Ying Zhang, Chuan Ju Li, Xue Han
Abstract: In order to efficient treatment swine wastewater of chemical oxygen demand(COD) of high concentration, ammonium nitrogen (NH4+-N) of high concentration and high suspended solids (SS) , Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Bed (UASB) were fed with piggery wastewater and investigated removal effect of COD, SS, NH4+-N, TP. The results showed that, UASB can effectively remove COD and SS in the pig farm wastewater. The corresponding removal rate was respectively 82.36% and 70%. UASB was poor on removal effect of NH4+-N and total phosphate (TP), due to the lack of anaerobic, anoxic environment. UASB is able to treatment COD and SS of piggery wastewater, but TN and TP removal efficiency need to further study.
Authors: De Li Chen, Run Qing Yang, Tian Zhu Li, Li Long Yan, Xiao Hui Wang, Ying Zhang, Ying Jie Dai
Abstract: In this study, the mechanism of accumulation of pollutants into living body and defense from health damage were elucidated. Based on the obtained knowledge in this program, the innovative methodology and new functional materials for purification and the restoration were developed. Through these activities, the sustainable understanding and trust about the pollution issuse were established. Six research projects were expected by the fusion of the results. We had investigated the environments around waterfowls which come flying mutually, and the concentration of pollutants in water, soil, fold in wet land and also in waterfowl were measured cooperatively and the accumulation mechanism were clarified. The microchip electrochemistry assay method is developed and applied to actual environments. New materials and methodologies based on the konwledge of the mechanism of accumulation and the defense from health damage were developed.
Authors: Ping Li, Li Long Yan, Fang Ma
Abstract: Biological Aerated Filter has the drawback of severe plug under low temperature, and frequent back-washing would cause the bad performance of ammonia removal. To solve these shortcomings, partial backwashing experiment was carried out to test its amelioration effect on Biological Aerated Filter. The result showed that performing backwashing at the 40 cm of filter had strong protective effect on nitrifying bacteria, the ammonia removal could be improved gradually with the highest removal rate of 71.71%. Partial backwashing affected less on ammonia removal and the removal efficiency could be restored to the previous level after the backwashing completed for 2.5 h.
Authors: Ying Jie Dai, Zhuo Ling Zhang, De Li Chen, Tian Zhu Li, Run Qing Yang, Xiao Hui Wang, Ying Zhang, Li Long Yan
Abstract: In this study, the marine circular economy mode of marine industries was investigated by using utilization of sea water in combination with thermal power generation. As an ocean state owning a broad sea frontier, China has a very great potential in development and utilization of marine resources. It is necessary in development of marine economy to seek for some modes differing from that of traditional terrestrial economy.
Authors: Ying Jie Dai, Tian Zhu Li, Run Qing Yang, De Li Chen, Li Long Yan, Xiao Hui Wang, Ying Zhang
Abstract: In this study, the marine circular economy mode of marine industries was investigated by using utilization of Tianjin Beijiang Power Plant. Tianjin Beijiang Power Plant, taking the effective and circular utilization of resources as core, depending on the regional industrial advantage, expanding the industrial chain continually and making itself play the leading role, perfectly combines sea water desalination, salt making, salt chemical products, building materials and some other items, thereby making the wastes of by-products of former processes the raw materials of latter processes. In this way, the power plant has found a new road of circular economy characterized by maximum resource utilization, minimum waste discharge and optimal economic benefit. The project meets the 3R rules of circular economy, i.e. “high efficiency, low consumption and low pollution”, and its project combining electric power, water and salt is first-ever in China and a typical circular economy project and an ecological project as well, presenting an important demonstration significance and promotion value for the comprehensive development of circular economy.
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