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Authors: Zhi Yong Huang, Xue Jian Liu, Xing Wei Sun, Li Ping Huang
Abstract: The CNTs/Si3N4 ceramic matrix composites were prepared by the reaction bonded processing. The phase compositions, chemical compatibility, mechanical properties, and microwave attenuation properties of the composites were investigated. XRD analysis shows the composites consist mainly of the α- and β-Si3N4, with a trace of unreacted silicon. The SEM micrograph displays the fractured surface of the composites studs with intact CNTs, indicating that CNTs and Si3N4 are chemically compatible. The composites with 1.0wt.% CNTs have a strength of 280 MPa, hardness of 8.2 GPa and toughness of 2.3 MPa·m0.5. The average value of the transmission attenuation reaches 6 dB at X band, indicating the composites have a potential for application in electromagnetic adsorbing or shielding.
Authors: X. Xu, Li Ping Huang, M.I.L.L. Oliveira, José Maria F. Ferreira
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