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Authors: Changfu Ding, Song Feng Tian, Kuifang Wan, Li Sun
Abstract: With the coal-fired units developing toward large capacity and high parameter, the safety and the economic operation is very important. The cracks on the cylinder and rotor that produce during performance are analyzed. It is pointed out that residual stress is an important factor affecting the fault and should be noticed in practice. And residual stress monitoring online has good prospects of development in this field.
Authors: Wen Bang Gong, Yun Zhang, Huan Liu, Hua Fang Wang, Yu Qin Wu, Li Sun
Abstract: In this paper, a formula for calculation of carbon content during austenitizing of cast iron was developed with consideration of the effect of silicon content. According to this formula, carbon content of austenite at a certain austenization temperature for a cast iron with given composition can be easily calculated, and the austenization temperature for getting the expected carbon content in the austenite can also be determined. Besides, according to the relationship between austenization temperature Tx and the according carbon content Cax, and considering the effect of silicon content, the diagram of Cax, Tx and silicon content during the austenitizing process of cast iron was made.
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