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Authors: Jie Yang, Li Xin Mao, Liang Hua Xu
Abstract: The rheological properties and viscoelasticity of PAN/DMSO solutions were studied by means of revolving rheometer under the scan modes of steady shear rate and dynamic frequency. The effects of shear rate and temperature of PAN/DMSO solution on its Non-Newtonian viscous index, zero shear viscosity, activation energy of viscous flow and modulus of the solutions were studied. It was found that PAN/DMSO solution is a kind of pseudoplastic fluid. And the more temperature of solution, the less Non-Newtonian viscous index at steady experiment curve, the less the loss modulus and storage modulus of solution at dynamics experiment curve. In addition, the liquidity and spinnability of the solution also increased when the temperature went up.
Authors: Meng Xiang Zhang, Li Xin Mao
Abstract: Modification of polypropylene (PP) by the addition of polyolefin elastomer (POE) and attapulgite (AT) has been investigated. The result have shown that the addition of POE and AT gave PP excellent mechanical properties of improved impact strength and comparable stiffness. The bonding between AT and the matrix was enhanced with the addition of dispersant EBS. AT was an effective nucleating agent for PP crystallization, and finer and more homogeneous spherulites of PP was obtained. In this study, the toughening mechanism of the composites was also discussed.
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