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Authors: Gui Yu Li, Jian Feng Li, Jie Sun, Wei Dong Li, Liang Yu Song
Abstract: In the present study, the finite element model of machining carbon fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composites with representative fiber orientation of 90 degree is established with the following developments: (i) a Johnson-Cook constitutive model of each component in the multi-phase composite materials; (ii) a failure model of the composite material based on physical separation criterion; (iii) the interface between fiber and matrix defined by a interaction. This simulating method can be developed to each kind of fiber reinforced composite materials.
Authors: Fu Lai Sun, Jie Sun, Jian Feng Li, Liang Yu Song, Yu Guo Luo
Abstract: Linear expansion coefficient (CTE) is one of the important thermal parameters for materials, which has a great influence on the thermal deformation analyzing. Thermal Mechanical Analysis (TMA) is adopted to measure the CTE of pre-stretched aluminum alloy sheet 7050-T7451 in three vertical directions. The mathematical functions of CTE of aluminum alloy 7050-T7451 are established, which is with three directions and reflect the influence of the temperature. A comparison between the accurate CTE data and the CTE from reference is carried out .The reason of the CTE variation of aluminum 7050-T7451 with temperature also been explained qualitatively.
Authors: Rong Hua Yuan, Jie Sun, Jian Feng Li, Liang Yu Song, Yong Wu Zhang
Abstract: 69111-stainless steel has wide applications in aerospace industry due to its comprehensive performance. However, its machining properties are not well studied due to the short using history in product components. In this study, a series of end milling experiments were conducted to characterize surface integrity at various milling conditions. The experimental results have shown that the milled surface roughness value increases with increased feed and cutting speed, while decrease with axial depth-of-cut (DoC) , and presents an inflexion with the radial DoC, with a rang of 0.7~1.7μm. Residual stress determined by the coupling effect of mechanical and thermal deformations varies differently with the increased cutting parameters.
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