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Authors: Jiang Hong Gan, Li Ping Zhou, Liang Zhou Chen, Long Xu
Abstract: This paper aimed to use a novel optic interferometric fringe projection to measure the three-dimensional shape of small object with high resolution. In this method, the projecting fringe pattern, which has a sinusoidal density distribution, good contrast and equal spacing, is generated by a spherical wave incident into a triangle-section prism. Project the fringe onto the subject under test, the image of the deformed fringe pattern modulated by object surface is captured by a high-speed CMOS camera and processed by the Fourier Transform technique to extract the phase distribution which is related to height information. An experimental system is set to conduct 3-D shape measurement and the result shows the validity of the proposed method. The projecting system is simple and compact, which helps to realize the integration and miniaturization of the system.
Authors: Liang Zhou Chen, Dan Qu, Li Ping Zhou, Jiang Hong Gan
Abstract: A new method of actualizing grating non-diffracting structured light (GNSL) is proposed. The GNSL holds characters of long focal-depth, narrow strip-width, steady light field and constant light intensity in certain rang etc. Based on precise triangular-section prism, an optical system is designed and actualized experimentally. With theory analysis and calculation to the optical system, the distribution of the light intensity is simulated in non-diffracting range. Experiment results show that simulation is in good agreement with the theory calculation. According to system parameters, GNSL with 18um strip-width and 57cm non-diffracting range is produced in experimental system. Compared with traditional projected light source, GNSL has advantages of high resolution and high precision in the application of three dimensions (3D) shape measurement. By using GNSL, matching ambiguity could be reduced.
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