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Authors: Yao Hua Si, Xue Li Cheng, Lin Chao An
Abstract: Modal of the gantry crane is developed by system point of view, Simulation model of the gantry crane system based on ANSYS is established, and each mode of the systems natural frequency and vibration mode were obtained. The dynamic characteristics of the system is evaluated, provide an important modal parameters for Gantry crane system architecture to optimize the design and stability analysis.
Authors: Lin Chao An, Xue Li Cheng
Abstract: The relationship between N and strain hardening exponent curve are obtained by the tensile test of the stainless steel, low carbon steel, medium manganese steel under the ultrasonic action, it is concluded that hardening exponent n of low carbon steel is constant; Hardening exponent N stainless steel has a certain relation with the strain, show the parabolic variation; Strain index N and strain of high manganese steel is linear change. Establish the constitutive equation of low carbon steel under normal and ultrasonic frequency, This equation provides a theoretical basis for the tensile test of low carbon steel, provided with guiding significance and reference value for the application of low carbon steel in engineering practice.
Authors: X.L. Cheng, Lin Chao An, K. Guo
Abstract: This paper makes the analysis to magnetostatic field and transient of electromagnet by using Maxwell. The magnetic-flux density of electromagnet and the distribution map of magnetic induction intensity are obtained and it has been verified that the electromagnet can meet the first pilot valve's open and close completely under the essential security power equipment's condition by the magnetostatic field analysis. Dynamic characteristic of the electromagnet is obtained under the constant load, and has further confirmed the reliability of electromagnet by the transient analysis.
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