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Authors: Peng Zhao, Wen Hong Li, Lin Li
Abstract: To select a suitable decolorizing resin for crude Tussilago farfara L. polysaccharide(TPS), the decolorization effect of crude TPS by five resins are studied. And the adsorption equilibrium of TPS pigment on the selected resin was investigated.The results show that the decolorization ratios of LS-206 is higher than those of other resins. Under optimized dynamicad sorption conditions (flow rate of 1.5BV/h,2BV of 5mg/ml TPS solution in 298K), the decoloration, deproteinization and polysaccharide recovery ratios of LS-206 resin were 90.04%, 91.42% and 85.38%, respectively. The above results show thatmacroporous anion exchange resins are suitable for the decolorization of crude TPS.
Authors: Zheng Fan, Wen Hong Li, Dong Li, Cun Ju Liu, Yu Luo, Lin Li, Jing Sun
Abstract: The ability of IMC-80BH corrosion inhibitor is proven to be excellent in earlier indoor static and flowing evaluation and it is worthwhile to determine the inhibitor concentration to maintain the optimum concentration for the sake of effective gas well protection. A improved concentration determination method is aboratively investigated. The maximum absorption wavelengths, buffer solution, reaction time and additive dosage of chromogenic reagent XD are detected successively and the standard curve of liquid phase behaves better than oil gas. The sample verification demonstrates that such determination measurement is reliable and precise. The four representative gas wells including G8-7, S59, W26-5 and G49-6 in service are also determined. The determination result offered substantial basis to analyze and select appropriate inhibitor injection program and dosage.
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