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Authors: Kang Hou, Han Xu Sun, Qing Xuan Jia, Yan Heng Zhang, Nan Zhe Wei, Liu Meng
Abstract: This paper presents an overview of the development of an innovative unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) - spherical aerial vehicle. This spherical aerial vehicle has an obvious advantage of both flying in the sky and running on the ground. This new concept and structure increases the robots locomotion effectiveness and efficiency. Its unique structure is designed in detail. The movement modes of spherical aerial vehicle flying modes and rolling modes - are presented concretely. In order to achieve its rolling function, the device parameters of spherical aerial vehicle were analyzed and designed.
Authors: Rui Jun Zhang, Qing Xuan Jia, Liu Meng, Ji Wei Qiu
Abstract: A kind of accuracy sensitivity analysis and numerical simulation method about the mechanism kinematic is proposed for the purpose of getting the reliability sensitivity of the planar mechanism. Combining with the reliability sensitivity analysis method and the computer simulation technology, this method is on the basis of the research of the kinematics equations and the mechanism kinematic accuracy model. Taking the kinematic accuracy sensitivity analysis of the planar four-bar mechanism as an example, the results verify the effectiveness and feasibility of the method.
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