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Authors: Lu Sun, Guo Qun Zhao
Abstract: An automatic mesh generator AUTOMESH-3D is developed by the authors in this paper. The generator can adaptively produce hexahedral element meshes with an improved inside-out grid-based method. This method involves seven steps: STL model construction, geometric feature identification, cubic grid structure generation, jagged core mesh generation, surface-gap filling, boundary matching and quality improvement. Adaptive refinement, local refinement and boundary matching techniques are employed to generate eligible elements according to the model’s features and users’ requirements. Several examples of hexahedral element mesh generation with AUTOMESH-3D are given, and the effectiveness and robustness of the mesh generator are demonstrated.
Authors: Lu Sun, Guo Qun Zhao
Abstract: Surface matching technique is a key technique in automatic generation of 3D finite element mesh. In this paper, a surface matching technique including surface-gap filling, boundary match and C-node match, is introduced. Eight types of free facet configurations and their corresponding matching rules are established. Then a combined method of priority nodes and relative position relationships for boundary match is presented, and an effective method for C-node match is given, too. The methods can achieve precise match between mesh boundaries and model boundaries, and establish reasonable geometry and topology connections of matched nodes. Several examples are provided to demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of the algorithms presented in this paper.
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