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Authors: N. Rodriguez, M. D'Angelo, V.Yu. Aristov, P. Soukiassian, A. Lescuras, C. Crotti, M. Pedio, P. Perfetti
Authors: M. D'Angelo, H. Enriquez, V.Yu. Aristov, P. Soukiassian, G. Renaud, A. Barbier, S. Chiang, F. Semond, Lea Di Cioccio, Thierry Billon
Authors: M. D'Angelo, H. Enriquez, M. Silly, V. Derycke, V.Yu. Aristov, P. Soukiassian, C. Ottaviani, M. Pedio, P. Perfetti
Authors: P. Soukiassian, M. Silly, C. Radtke, H. Enriquez, M. D'Angelo, V. Derycke, V.Yu. Aristov, F. Amy, Y.J. Chabal, P. Moras, M. Pedio, S. Gardonio, C. Ottaviani, P. Perfetti
Authors: M. Silly, H. Enriquez, J. Roy, M. D'Angelo, P. Soukiassian, T. Schuelli, M. Noblet, G. Renaud
Abstract: In order to give experimental insights on the atomic structure of the Si atomic wires developing on the β-SiC(100) surface, we use synchrotron radiation-based x-ray diffraction at grazing incidence to study a network of such atomic lines in a 5x2 surface array. Our results lead to an accurate surface and sub-surface structure determination evidencing a structure in agreement with a two adlayer symmetric dimer reconstruction. This atomic structure is significantly different from the 3x2 surface structure, giving new insights on the Si atomic lines stability.
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