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Authors: M.G. Mil'vidskii, Vladimir V. Voronkov, V.J. Reznik
Authors: M.G. Mil'vidskii, Vladimir V. Voronkov, V.J. Reznik
Authors: V.I. Vdovin, M.G. Mil'vidskii, T.G. Yugova
Authors: V.I. Vdovin, M.G. Mil'vidskii, M.M. Rzaev, Friedrich Schäffler
Abstract: We present experimental data on the effect of low-temperature buffer layers on the dislocation structure formation in SiGe/Si strained-layer heterostructures under thermal annealing. Specific subjects include mechanisms of misfit dislocation nucleation, propagation and multiplication as well as the role of intrinsic point defects in these processes. Samples with lowtemperature Si (400°C) and SiGe (250°C) buffer layers were grown by MBE. In general, the processes of MD generation occur similarly in the heterostructures studied independently of the alloy composition (Ge content: 0.15, 0.30) and kind of buffer layer. Intrinsic point defects related to the low-temperature epitaxial growth influence mainly the rate of misfit dislocation nucleation.
Authors: Robert J. Falster, Vladimir V. Voronkov, V.Y. Resnick, M.G. Mil'vidskii
Abstract: This paper presents a qualitative description and quantitative model of the technologically important problem of the transition from ineffective to effective internal gettering (IG) states in CZ silicon wafers as the precipitation of oxygen proceeds at high temperatures. Of central importance to the problem is a morphological transformation of growing oxide preciptitates from an initial strain free to a strained platelet state. The transition to effective IG occurs when approximately 107 cm-3 precipitate sites are transformed into the strained state. The transformation rates as a function of oxygen concentration and precipitate site density, deduced from etching and TEM, are presented. A model for the morphological transformation to the strained state is developed and with it a model for the annealing criteria for the threshold for effective gettering.
Authors: V.B. Neimash, V.M. Siratsky, Mikhail G. Sosnin, V.M. Tsmots, V.I. Shakhovtsov, V.L. Shindich, M.G. Mil'vidskii
Authors: V.I. Vdovin, M.G. Mil'vidskii, T.G. Yugova
Authors: N.A. Bert, V.V. Chaldyshev, A.E. Kunitsyn, A.G. Milvidskaya, M.G. Mil'vidskii
Authors: M.G. Mil'vidskii, Vladimir V. Voronkov, K.L. Enisherlova, V.Ja. Reznick
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