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Authors: S.A. Gudin, M.I. Kurkin, A.V. Gapontsev
Abstract: Conditions of coexistence of Fe/Cr/Fe film states with parallel and antiparallel Fe layer magnetisations orientation are established. The transition from antiparallel to parallel orientation in external magnetic field is caused with Cr layer spin density wave phase change when wave node in the centre of Cr layer is substituted with wave antinode. The coexistence of these two states means that Fe/Cr/Fe film ferromagnetic state created with external magnetic field retains after the switching this field off. This phenomenon will manifest itself in the fact that magnetisation curve of initially antiferromagnetic Fe/Cr/Fe film will go outside the hysteresis loop of it's remagnetisation in ferromagnetic state created by external field.
Authors: V.K. Rudenko, N.I. Timofeev, A.N. Timofeyev, S.M. Klotsman, M.I. Kurkin, V.N. Kaigorodov
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