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Authors: M. Serghat, M.J. Philippe, Claude Esling, B. Bouzy
Authors: A. Dahoun, C. G'sell, M.J. Philippe, G.R. Canova, A. Molinari
Authors: M.J. Philippe, I. Beaujean, Emmanuel Bouzy, M. Diot, J. Wegria, Claude Esling
Authors: Claude Esling, Michel Humbert, M.J. Philippe, Francis Wagner
Authors: Christophe Schuman, L. Bao, J.S. Lecomte, M.J. Philippe, Y. Zhang, X. Zhao, Liang Zuo, J.M. Raulot, C. Esling
Abstract: A new selection criterion to explain the activation of the twinning variant is proposed. This criterion is based on the calculation of the deformation energy to create a primary twin. The calculation takes into account the effect of the grain size using a Hall-Petch type relation. This criterion allows to obtain a very good prediction for the variant selection. The calculations are compared with the experimental results obtained on T40 (ASTM grade 2) deformed by Channel Die compression.
Authors: Francis Wagner, Michel Humbert, M.J. Philippe, Claude Esling
Abstract: This paper focus on the use of orientation stereology to understand polycrystalline materials behavior. First some cautions or limits by using this approach are considered. Examples related to phase transformation, plastic deformation or crack propagation are then presented.
Authors: C. Schuman, M.J. Philippe, Claude Esling, M. Jallon, M. Hergesheimer, A. Lefort
Authors: M.J. Philippe
Authors: M.J. Philippe, Emmanuel Bouzy, Jean-Jacques Fundenberger
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