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Authors: Akira Yoshikawa, Zuo Xiang Qin, H. Nagano, Y. Sugure, A.W. Jia, M. Kobayashi, Y. Kato, Kazuhiko Takahashi
Authors: A.W. Jia, T. Yamada, M. Kobayashi, Akira Yoshikawa
Authors: M. Kobayashi, Hirohisa Sato, Naoki Kamegashira
Abstract: Defect perovskite, La1-xMnO3-1.5x (x=0.00-0.10), was synthesized by conventional ceramic method and phase transition was measured by X-ray diffractometry, electrical conductivity, thermal diffusivity and thermal analysis. La1-xMnO3-1.5x (x=0.00-0.09) have single orthorhombic phase corresponding to GdFeO3 type perovskite structure at room temperature, while have rhombohedral structural at high temperature. The transition temperatures observed from electric conductivity, DSC, thermal diffusivity were mostly in agreement and they slightly decrease with increasing x.
Authors: Kunio Funami, M. Kobayashi, S. Suzuki, Chiaki Ouchi
Authors: M. Kobayashi, Shouichi Ochiai, Kunio Funami, Chiaki Ouchi, S. Suzuki
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