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Authors: Srboljub J. Stanković, R.D. Ilić, O. Ciraj-Bjelac, M. Kovačević, David Davidović
Abstract: The adequate choice of different target materials for X-ray generators is a very important subject of engineers’ practice and research. In the present work we analyze theoretically the transport of electrons through the anode material and the production of the corresponding bremsstrahlung radiation. In our analysis we simulate the particle transport with the help of the FOTELP code, which is based on the Monte Carlo simulation. Our main aim is to develop an efficient and handy method, which could be helpful in improving the design of the X-ray tube components and in reducing of the patient dose, while keeping the image quality. The obtained results are encouraging.
Authors: Srboljub J. Stanković, M. Petrović, M. Kovačević, A. Vasić, P. Osmokrović, B. Lončar
Abstract: CdZnTe detectors have been employed in diagnostic X-ray spectroscopy. This paper presents the Monte Carlo calculation of X-ray deposited energy in a CdZnTe detector for different energies of photon beam. In incident photon direction, the distribution of absorbed dose as deposited energy in detector is determined. Based on the dependence of the detector response on the thickness and different Zn fractions, some conclusions about changes of the material characteristics could be drawn. Results of numerical simulation suggest that the CdZnTe detector could be suitable for X-ray low energy.
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