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Authors: M. Kitahara, M. Onishi, Kouichi Nakahata, Masayoshi Yamada
Abstract: The Born inverse scattering method is applied to the shape reconstruction of flaws in the concrete materials. To accelerate the inversion process, the algorithm of the fast Fourier transform is introduced in the integration process of the scattering amplitude. The concrete specimens with flaw models are prepared and the scattered waveforms from flaws are acquired in the pulse-echo mode. The shape of flaws is reconstructed by using the measured waveforms and the performance of the inversion method is demonstrated experimentally.
Authors: Takahisa Okino, R. Takaue, M. Onishi
Authors: Toshitada Shimozaki, Takahisa Okino, Masayuki Yamane, Y. Wakamatsu, M. Onishi
Authors: Toshitada Shimozaki, Y. Goda, Y. Wakamatsu, M. Onishi
Authors: M. Onishi, K. Miyake, Y. Wakamatsu, Toshitada Shimozaki
Authors: Toshitada Shimozaki, N. Saita, Y. Wakamatsu, M. Onishi
Authors: M. Onishi, F. Furukawa, Toshitada Shimozaki
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