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Authors: U. Geyer, S. Schneider, Y. Qiu, M.P. Macht, T.A. Tombrello, William L. Johnson
Authors: Axel Griesche, F. Garcia-Moreno, M.P. Macht, Günter Frohberg
Abstract: The long-capillary method was used to measure chemical diffusion in molten AlNiCe alloys. The interdiffusion coefficients were determined for a mean concentration of Al87Ni10Ce3 at 1273 K and for a mean concentration of Al77Ni20Ce3 at 1373 K. The absence of major convection disturbances and of macro-segregation was demonstrated by time-dependent diffusion measurements. An in-situ x-ray monitoring technique for real-time concentration profile determination is presented.
Authors: M.P. Macht, Q. Wei, N. Wanderka, Irina Sieber, N.P. Deyneka
Authors: N. Wanderka, E. Davidov, G. Miehe, Volkmar Naundorf, M.P. Macht, John Banhart
Authors: N. Wanderka, Q. Wei, R. Doole, M. Jenkins, S. Friedrich, M.P. Macht, H. Wollenberger
Authors: M.P. Macht, N. Wanderka, A. Wiedenmann, H. Wollenberger, Q. Wei, Hans Jorg Fecht, S.G. Klose
Authors: Volkmar Naundorf, E. Budke, M.P. Macht, A.S. Bakai, N. Lazarev
Authors: Volkmar Naundorf, M.P. Macht, A.S. Bakai, N. Lazarev
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