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Authors: M. Vaz, Pablo A. Muñoz-Rojas, M.R. Lange
Abstract: Mechanical degradation and ductile failure in metal forming operations can be successfully modelled using fully coupled damage models. In addition, it has been largely reported in the literature that temperature variations affect material behaviour, especially thermal softening. This paper presents a numerical discussion of the coupled effects between ductile damage and temperature evolution based on the simulation of tensile tests of notched specimens.
Authors: S. Mohammadi, R. Adibi-Asl, M. Vaz
Authors: Pablo A. Muñoz-Rojas, M. Vaz
Abstract: The Modified Local Green’s Function Method (MLGFM) is an integral method which uses appropriately chosen Green’s function projections obtained numerically with the aid of auxiliary finite element problems. Its applicability includes those cases for which a fundamental solution does not exist or is very cumbersome. The MLGFM was studied intensely in the 90´s with promising results, especially for tractions and heat fluxes at the boundaries. The present contribution compares this method for heat flux evaluation in anisotropic media with finite volumes and finite elements. The latter approximates heat fluxes using a superconvergent patch recovery scheme, whereas the former computes flux quantities directly at nodes. The numerical example uses linear elements and includes non-homogeneous temperature and flux boundary conditions.
Authors: M. Vaz, Pablo A. Muñoz-Rojas, M.R. Lange, J. Stahlschmidt
Abstract: This paper discusses some thermodynamic aspects in association with a large strain/large displacement elastic-plastic formulation aiming at application to metal forming problems. The mechanical solution adopts the multiplicative decomposition of the gradient of deformation into elastic, plastic and thermal components. The approach is illustrated by analysing the thermal effects in the plastic deformation of low-carbon steel specimens subject to tensile loading.
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