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Authors: M. Zhang, W.L. Zhang, M.Y. Gu
Abstract: To improve the transverse properties of fiber-reinforced metal matrix composites, a three-phase material model was proposed. In the model the reinforcing fibers are surrounded by a weak metal matrix, which in turn is encircled by another strong metal matrix. The weak matrix acts as a role to protect the fibers from damage and the strong matrix acts as a role to improve the transverse properties of the composite. Based on the material model, FEM model was established and parameter analysis was carried out to determine the influence of matrix strengths and fibers spatial distribution on the transverse mechanical behavior of the three-phase composite. It was found that the yield strength of the three-phase composite was mainly dictated by the matrix directly surrounding fibers and the effect from another matrix on the yield strength can be neglected. The three-phase composite has a higher transverse strength with hexagonal fiber arrangement than with regular square fiber arrangement.
Authors: J.S. Zhu, M.Y. Gu, Z.M. Sun, Zhe Feng Zhang, Yu Zhou, Z.Y. Zhou
Authors: W.L. Zhang, M.Y. Gu, De Zun Wang
Abstract: A squeeze casting 15vol.%SiCw/Al and pure aluminum were cold rolled to 50 pct reduction in thickness and then annealed at 500°C for 1h. The textures of the treated materials were examined using XRD. The dominant texture components in the cold rolled composites consisted of {112}<111>、{100}<011> and {123}<634> and were much weaker than those in the cold rolled aluminum. The new texture components in annealed composites were {211}<213>、{013}<131> and {011}<211> and had the similar intensity as those remained from the deformation state. This indicated that the recovery reaction and recrystallization occurred simultaneously when the cold rolled composite was annealed at 500°C. Also, the annealing texture was much weaker in the composite than that in the aluminum. The weaker deformation and annealing textures in the composites can be attributed to the introduction of the whiskers.
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