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Authors: Jian Ping Zhou, Mamtimin Gheni, Chu Hua Liang, Yan Xu, Bi Sheng Zhou
Abstract: In order to research the surface integrity of SEAM, the surface figure, surface heat-affected zones (HAZ ) and surface hardness are analyzed. The author mainly researches the influence factors of water pressure, air pressure, cathode feed rate and relative line speed on processing indictor. The orthogonal experiment results indicate that the main influence factors of surface roughness and HAZ are air pressure, gap voltage and cutting depth. In SEAM, certain scope pressure atomization of dielectric liquid has deionization and arc-extinguishing effect, and takes away melted metal and heat from the discharge channel in time. Workpiece surface will be smoothness. However, the enlarged air pressure will break normal electrode discharge and make the surface smoothness worse. The research of influence of gap voltage on surface quality are accomplished.
Authors: Li Hua Jia, Mamtimin Gheni, Hazirti Eli, Xamxinur Abdikerem, Masanori Kikuchi
Abstract: In this paper, the iBone (Imitation Bone) model which is coupled with Turing reaction-diffusion system and FEM, is used. The numerical simulation of bone forming process by considering the osteoclasts and osteoblasts process are conducted. The results shown, that the bone mass is increased with increase of the initial load value, then fibula and femur bones are obtained respectively by keeping the required bone forming value. The different bone shapes are obtained by changing the both bone keeping value and the compressing force value. When set larger bone keeping value by keeping larger constant compressing force value, bone shape as a pipe with hole just like femur, when set smaller bone keeping value by keeping the smaller constant compressing force value, it is close to solid pillar as like fibula.
Authors: Gulbahar Tohti, Mamtimin Gheni, Yu Feng Chen, Mamatjan Tursun
Abstract: In this paper, based on survey data of delays on intersections in urban highways and in accordance with theoretical capacity of each traffic lane, various reasons of delay in intersections are analyzed numerically. A discrete traffic model to simulate traffic in intersections using Gaussian mesh method is built. After modifying intersection properties, weight of each factor in terms of their effect to capacity is acquired. An optimized way to solve traffic delay is hereby recommended.
Authors: Asiye Shavkat, Mutellip Ahmat, Kaysar Ismayil, Mamtimin Gheni
Abstract: In this research, the FEM models of sealing rings for welding bellows mechanical seals were established by applying both isolation and integral contact method, and the displacement and stress of sealing ring’s were calculated. The result shows that a wedge-shaped was appeared on the seal face under the medium pressure and spring force. It can be seen that the integral contact analysis effectively illustrated that the convergence and divergence of the wedge-shaped deformation will be occurred in the contact face. The researching results provide a theoretical basis for the furthermore analysis of the deformation and frictional wear and structure optimization of sealing rings for welding bellows mechanical seal.
Authors: Xamxinur Abdikerem, Mamtimin Gheni, Abdurahman Ablimit, A Fang Jin
Abstract: Wind caused the much sediment fluxes leading to both erosion and deposits in the sandy desertification area, and the much kind of beautiful sandy desert morphologies are formed. This is really crucial to the development of the dynamic behaviour of aeolian transport of sand particles. The sand desert morphologies are representing significant information archives for understanding the desertification problem. Dynamics and numerical modeling provides an essential tool for studying the aeolian transport of sand particle and morphology of sand desert such as ripple and dune. In this study, the mathematical models based on the dynamics are analyzed by considering the several keys as saltation, creep, suspension, avalanche and its threshold condition etc. for sand morphology forming processes. Then due to sand flow field real characteristics, the establishing process of stream flow field are analyzed, and the implication relationships as well as the coupling process between uniform stream flow field and the sand flow field are analyzed. Finally, the sand flow field models is discretized, and different kinds of sandy desert morphology are simulated by considering the sand particle size and mass in fixed, semi-fixed and free sand flow field area.
Authors: Wei Bing Liu, Mamtimin Gheni, Lie Yu
Abstract: Meshing for finite element analysis accuracy plays a very important part in numerical simulation of Periodic Symmetric Struts Support (PSSS). Different accuracy can be obtained by different element sizes or types. Three element types and eight element sizes are used for comparing the accuracy of modal analysis in this paper. Comparing with the mutual relations of different accuracy, the scientific basis is provided for selecting the correct mesh size and improves the efficiency of numerical calculation in modal analysis.
Authors: Yoshitaka Wada, Mamtimin Gheni, Masanao Matsumoto, Masanori Kikuchi
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