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Authors: Manickaraj Jeyakumar, Srirangam VS Prakash, Sumanth Shankar
Abstract: The liquid structure of Al-Si hypoeutectic binary alloys with and without the addition of 0.04 wt.% Sr was characterized by diffraction experiments using a high energy X-Ray (Synchrotron) beam source. The diffraction data for all the alloys were obtained at various melt temperatures. Reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) analysis was carried out using the diffraction experimental data to quantify the partial pair distribution function (PPDF). Further, the partial pair distribution function and the liquid atomic structure information were used in a semi empirical model to evaluate the viscosity of these liquid alloys at various temperatures.
Authors: Manickaraj Jeyakumar, Sumanth Shankar
Abstract: The flow behavior and viscosity of pure aluminum, zinc and Zn-7wt%Al liquids were quantified with the effects of temperature and shear rate by rotational rheometry experiments. These systems exhibited a non-Newtonian, shear thinning and non-thixotropic flow behavior where in the liquid metal viscosity decreases with increasing shear rates. The temperature dependence of viscosity followed the Arrhenius equation. Moreover, at high shear rate regimes the flow resembles a nearly Newtonian behaviour.
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