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Authors: Manjusha Inamdar, Martin Kriegisch, Lubuna Shafeek, A. Sidorenko, Herbert Müller, Andrey Prokofiev, Peter Blaha, Silke Paschen
Abstract: PtSn4 is a non-congruently melting compound in the Pt-Sn binary phase diagram, crystallizing in the centrosymmetric space group Ccca. We report on single crystal growth, temperature dependent electrical resistivity, isothermal field-dependent magnetization and magnetostriction, and on band structure calculations of this transition metal compound. The high quality of the sample makes it possible to observe clearly resolved quantum oscillations in the magnetization data for temperatures as high as 20 K and in magnetic fields as low as 10 kOe. We found several frequencies along the three crystallographic directions and could relate them to several extremal orbits on the Fermi surface.
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