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Authors: Noella Evano, Rochdi El Abdi, Marcel Poulain
Abstract: During their use, optical fibers are subject to harsh installation and environmental conditions. To evaluate more precisely the lifetime of an optical fiber, it is necessary to study the mechanical behavior of optical fibers under extreme conditions, in particular under mechanical and thermal stress.This paper presents the results of new silica optical fibers aged in hot water between 20°C and 70°C and subjected to mechanical static bending stresses from 3 GPa to 3.5 GPa. Thermal dependence of the time to failure was observed. This dependence can be described by the Arrhenius model, where the activation energy is one of the main physical characteristic.
Authors: Irina Severin, Rochdi El Abdi, Marcel Poulain, Mihai Caramihai
Abstract: The increased optical fiber development for a variety of physical and chemical measurements using smart structures and sensors leads to investigate the mechanical and chemical reliability of standard commercial acrylate polymer coated fibers. A comparison of mean failure strength of as-aged fibres to the water influence for similar exposure duration has revealed the highest sensitivity to dimethyl sulfoxide reagent (DMSO). SEM investigation revealed different damage levels in function of the aging conditions.
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