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Authors: Eftalea Carpus, Angela Dorogan, Emilia Visileanu, Mircea Ignat, Gelu Onose, Dimitrie Nanu, Ioana Carpus, Maria Buzdugan, Marcela Radu
Abstract: There is a critical need of integrating the basic electronics technologies, sensors, computers and communications into textiles, so that these, until now passive, to be able to be changed into interactive, intelligent information infrastructure in order to facilitate the personalized mobile information processing to the end user. A field with a special application potential of the intelligent textiles is the medical field. The paper will present a knitted textile product having an attached resistive sensor meant for monitoring the foetus heart rate during the intrauterine development period.
Authors: Horia Balan, Maria Buzdugan, I. Vadan, E. Simion, P. Karaissas
Abstract: This paper deals with DC – AC static converter systems, of very high voltages and currents, used for electricity power transmission. It has been analyzed three types of converters: with forced commutation, with commutation from load and the solution proposed by the authors. There are shown the advantages in hybrid switching converters, which in essence connect, constructive and as principle of operation, the advantages of the two known conversion systems. The analysis of the benefits of the proposed solution is done by comparing the circulating power of assets and also by analyzing the power factor. Not in the last, must be mentioned the paper contribution to the development of the theoretical base design for switching converters with hybrid commutation.
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