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Authors: Mariana Prodana, R. Luca, Florin Miculescu, D. Bojin
Abstract: . The aim of this paper is to evaluate surface properties of natural temporary teeth from high polluted area by dynamics of balance hydrophil hydrophob in connection with surface analysis type atomic force microscopy (AFM). All the data were discussed in relation with the state of degradation of such teeth, taking into account that teeth are biological archive.
Authors: D. Ionita, L. Ciohodaru, Mariana Prodana, Ioana Demetrescu
Abstract: The corrosion behavior of titanium alloys and 316L stainless steel has been evaluated and compared with coated materials. The corrosion current and the corrosion rate were evaluated by electrochemical techniques. The ions release from titanium alloys and 316L stainless steel were analyzed using ICP-MS and the HA coatings were observed using FTIR analysis.
Authors: D. Ionita, Mariana Prodana, M. Caposi
Abstract: The paper reports the behavior of TiNbZrTa in biological solution which simulates the body conditions (SBF-simulated body fluids) with different pH values. It has determinate the ion release quantities in time in SBF and the passive layer transformation on the implant surface. The used techniques were ICP-MS, FT-IR and contact angle measurement.
Authors: Nicoleta Maria Badea, M. Jelinek, T. Tite, Mariana Prodana, A. Campean, Ioana Demetrescu
Abstract: The in-vitro bioactivity of SiC growing using the innovative hybrid laser-magnetron deposition technique was investigated. The biological response has been analysed after being immersed in a human blood plasma solution for 10 days. Surface analysis by SEM microscopy shows clearly an adsorption process after immersion. The products formed are mainly attributed to a rich-calcium phosphate and silica-complexes layers. Citotoxicity test shows a normal phenotype of fibroblast cell culture on SiC and MTT assay indicates an increased viability of cells around 15% after only one day of immersion. Results obtained are supported by FTIR analysis. Strong changes in the absorbance of bands after immersion are observed, which indicates a strong bioactivity of SiC.
Authors: D. Ionita, Doina Raducanu, Mariana Prodana, Ioana Demetrescu
Abstract: The paper is an electrochemical study regarding the influence of different acid etching conditions on the corrosion behaviour of a new Ti based bioalloy with Nb, Ta and Zr. Open circuit, potentiodynamic and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy were the methods performed in a simulated body fluid (SBF) and a stability mechanism was discussed in terms of equivalent circuits.
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