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Authors: Yuki Itoh, Kenichi Wakisaka, Masashi Satoh, Shinzo Yoshikado
Abstract: Thin-film heaters made of molybdenum silicide (MoSi2) were fabricated by RF magnetron sputtering, and the heating characteristics of these heaters in a high vacuum were evaluated. The crystal structure of thin-film was hexagonal contrary to the tetragonal one of the target. MoSi2 thin-film heaters deposited outside an alumina crucible showed almost linear resistance-temperature (R-T ) characteristics. However, resistance decreased due to repeated heatings. The heaters generated almost no contamination in vacuum. The temperature of the crucible reached 1000°C at an electric power of 190 W.
Authors: Yuki Itoh, Masashi Satoh, Shinzo Yoshikado
Authors: Teppei Hayashi, Masashi Satoh, Shinzo Yoshikado
Abstract: Thin films of Si-added-MoSi2 were deposited on Si3N4 or alumina substrate using an RF magnetron sputtering with a target made of MoSi2 and Si powders. The thin film consisted of a mixture of Si and MoSi2. The resistance of MoSi2-thin-film heaters fabricated using Si3N4 substrate heated for a long time in air increased with increasing heating-time at temperatures near 420°C due to generation of MoO3, which is an insulator, in thin film due to the oxidation of Mo in MoSi2. On the other hand, oxidation-resistant capability of thin-film heater fabricated by adding Si to MoSi2 was drastically improved compared with MoSi2 thin-film heater, because Si particles or the Si layer on a MoSi2 particle prevented the oxidation of MoSi2. The oxidation-resistant capability was excellent in air at high temperatures near 480°C for a long heating-time exceeding 950h.
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