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Authors: Mei Ling Wang, Xidong Hui, Guo Liang Chen
Abstract: Zr-based metallic-glass matrix composites, which are reinforced by continuous tungsten fibers, were prepared by melt infiltration casting. The interface structure was analyzed by using X-Ray diffraction, SEM and EPMA. The results illustrate that for the Zr55Al10Ni5Cu30 matrix composite, in addition to the interface diffusion, an interface eutectoid reaction between W fiber and Zr in the liquid state takes place and forms W5Zr3 phase at the interface during casting, the interface is included in Class Ⅲ system; but for (Zr55Al10Ni5Cu30)0.98Nb2 and Zr57Al10Ni12.6Cu15.4Nb5 matrix composite, the addition of Nb restrains the interface eutectoid reaction effectively, which may be attributed to reducing diffusion coefficient of Zr through the interface, and there is only a thinner diffusion layer at the interfaces, the type of interface is changed to the Class Ⅱ system
Authors: Fei Xue, Mei Ling Wang, Qiang Feng
Abstract: The phase equilibria of Co-base trial alloys of Co-9Al-7.5W, Co-5.5Al-10W and Co-9Al-3W at 1300°C and 900°C were determined in the present investigation. The experimental alloys were γ single-phase alloys at 1300°C, although the existence of the γ' phase and the ε phase was identified due to cooling effect. The nearly cuboidal γ' phase and the plate-like DO19 phase in alloys 9Al-7.5W and 5.5Al-10W were coarsened after long-term annealing at 900°C. It is suggested that the alloy 9Al-7.5W was in γ+γ' two-phase region, while the alloys 5.5Al-10W and 9Al-3W were in γ+DO19 two-phase region and γ singe-phase region at 900°C, respectively.
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