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Authors: Lin Zhang, Mei Yun Zhang, Yang Yu Wu
Abstract: An automatic chromatographic control system which can adjust deviation axially and circumferentially was proposed, the multi-chip microcontroller 89S52 was used as the controller, and the non-interfering axial and circumferential system can work independently. The corresponding hardware circuit and software designing were provided, and the simulation experiment was applied to demonstrate the feasibility of the system.
Authors: Jin Bao Li, Mei Yun Zhang, Hui Juan Xiu, Jian Wu Cao
Abstract: Modified lignin cement water-reducer was prepared via hydroxymethylation followed sulfonation of wheat straw ethanol lignin. The optimum process conditions of sulfonation of wheat straw ethanol lignin were mainly investigated. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) was performed to characterize the chemical structure of mofified ethanol lignin. Its morphology was revealed by the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) observation. The application results showed that when the modified lignin dosage was 0.5% the fluidity of cement paste reached 208mm, water-reducing ratio was 14.9% which was 30.7% higher than using commercial Sodium Lignosulfonate; and with the addition of modified ethanol lignin, the 3 and 7 d compressive strengths of concrete are13.8 % and 9.9 % higher than using commercial Sodium Lignosulfonate respectively.
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