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Authors: Xiao Hua Qian, Meng Hong Shen
Abstract: Linear ultrasonic motors have been of significant research interests for its excellent characteristics, but it’s hindered by complicated structure. The purpose of this paper is to design and manufacture a prototype by utilizing ANSYS software based on the analysis of mechanism. The vibrator of linear motor is composed of a three teeth rectangular medal block, two group of PZT elements which is adhered on the surface of metal block and slider. It is found that the result of FEA analysis is consistent with experiment result.
Authors: Cheng Zhou Zeng, Zuan Lin, Jun Hua Chen, Meng Hong Shen
Abstract: The method of pressure decay leak detection measures leakage by detecting interior pressure change of tested tank. As pressure change of tested tank affects leak rate, there is a certain deviation between tested leakage and actual leakage under constant pressure. Currently, all of the international leakage standards are developed under constant pressure conditions, therefore, this leakage deviation is mainly concerned in leak detection. In this paper, a deviation calculated model between tested leakage and actual leakage under constant pressure was developed. And the experimental results showed a good agreement with the model simulation date.
Authors: Hui Di Zhang, De Yi Song, Meng Hong Shen
Abstract: The ability to solve inventive problems is the core of the innovation process. TRIZ have shown results that inventiveness can be understood and developed systematically. Considering the deviation accident of belt conveyor is frequently taken place, so this paper presents a strategy based on TRIZ principles to inventive design of tensioning device for enhancing deviation problem solving for belt conveyor. The useful and potential solutions are induced by using TRIZ principles. The results show that TRIZ is a useful tool which helps in solving problems by eliminating contradictions.
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