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Authors: Ben Qi, Michael Bannister
Abstract: This paper presents experimental results on the mechanical performance of advanced carbon/epoxy composites with embedded polymeric films. The composite laminates with polymeric films, which are potentially used as a sensor/actuator carrier for structural health monitoring applications, were investigated under various mechanical loadings including low velocity impact, single lap shear and short beam shear. The preliminary work showed that embedment of those polymeric films does not degrade, but could significantly improve, the mechanical properties of the composite laminates.
Authors: Chun Hui Yang, Zhong Qing Su, Lin Ye, Ye Lu, Michael Bannister
Abstract: Stringer-stiffened plate-like structure is a typical engineering structure and its structural integrity is critical. A guided Lamb wave-based damage identification scheme and an online structural health monitoring (SHM) system with an integrated PZT-sensor network were developed. In the previous studies, the specimens were relatively simple. In this paper, the abovementioned method was extended to the stiffened plate-like structure—a flat plate reinforced by stringer. FE dynamic simulation was applied to investigate the Lamb wave propagation characteristics due to the existence of stringer with the consideration of its material and geometric configurations.
Authors: M.M. Hedges, Michael Bannister, M.S.J. Gani
Authors: M.M. Hedges, Michael Bannister
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