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Authors: Ludovic Charpentier, Francis Baillet, Didier Chaussende, Etienne Pernot, Michel Pons, Roland Madar
Authors: C. Raffy, L. Magaud, Elisabeth Blanquet, Michel Pons, A. Pasturel
Authors: Laurence Latu-Romain, Didier Chaussende, Carole Balloud, Sandrine Juillaguet, L. Rapenne, Etienne Pernot, Jean Camassel, Michel Pons, Roland Madar
Abstract: Because of the formation of DPB (Double Positioning Boundary) when starting from a hexagonal <0001> seed, DPB-free 3C-SiC single crystals have never been reported up to now. In a recent work we showed that, using adapted nucleation conditions, one could grow thick 3C-SiC single crystal almost free of DPB [1]. In this work we present the results of a multi-scale investigation of such crystals. Using birefringence microscopy, EBSD and HR-TEM, we find evidence of a continuous improvement of the crystal quality with increasing thickness in the most defected area, at the sample periphery. On the contrary, in the large DPB-free area, the SF density remains rather constant from the interface to the surface. The LTPL spectra collected at 5K on the upper part of samples present a nice resolution of multiple bound exciton features (up to m=5) which clearly shows the high (electronic) quality of our 3C-SiC material.
Authors: Didier Chaussende, Carole Balloud, Laurent Auvray, Francis Baillet, Marcin Zielinski, Sandrine Juillaguet, Michel Mermoux, Etienne Pernot, Jean Camassel, Michel Pons, Roland Madar
Authors: Didier Chaussende, Frédéric Mercier, Roland Madar, Michel Pons
Abstract: We have investigated through birefringence microscopy, a set of 3C-SiC crystals grown with the CF-PVT process, starting from different seeds and under different growth conditions. Through self nucleation experiments, the stable growth of very high quality 3C-SiC crystals at high temperature (2100°C) and at high rate (roughly 0.2 mm/h) is demonstrated. The possibility to develop bulk growth of 3C-SiC crystals is discussed.
Authors: Laurent Auvray, Didier Chaussende, Francis Baillet, Ludovic Charpentier, Michel Pons, Roland Madar
Authors: Alexander Pisch, Elisabeth Blanquet, Michel Pons, Claude Bernard, Jean Marc Dedulle, Roland Madar
Authors: Mikhail Anikin, Michel Pons, Etienne Pernot, Roland Madar
Authors: Didier Chaussende, Patrick Chaudouët, Laurent Auvray, Michel Pons, Roland Madar
Authors: Mikhail Anikin, Michel Pons, K. Chourou, O. Chaix-Pluchery, Jean Marie Bluet, V. Lauer, R. Pons
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