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Authors: Hong Yan Miao, Min Dong, Guo Qiang Tan, Yong Ping Pu, Zheng Qiu Sun
Abstract: Bismuth titanate nanopowders were prepared by the hydrothermal method from Bi(NO3)3·5H2O, TiCl4 and KOH aqueous solution. The influences of reaction temperature and KOH concentration on the crystalline phase, morphology, and grain size of the prepared Bi4Ti3O12 powders were investigated. The results showed that well-crystallized, dispersive Bi4Ti3O12 nanopowders could be prepared by the hydrothermal treatment at 220–260°C for 6 h, in the case of [Ti]= 0.1 M, Bi:Ti = 4:3 and [KOH]=1.0–2.0 M. The prepared Bi4Ti3O12 powders of the orthorhombic structure were observed to be rectangle slice-shaped, and the grain sizes were about 30 nm in width and above100 nm in length. It was also confirmed that the desired concentration of KOH decreased with increasing of the treatment temperature.
Authors: Guo Qiang Tan, Hui Jun Ren, Hong Yan Miao, Min Dong, Ao Xia
Abstract: Xerogel was prepared by the sol-gel method using butyl titanate, alcohol, carbamide and glucose as raw materials. The precursor powders were obtained after xerogel was solvothermally treated at 220oC for 2 h. The IR analysis suggests that the precursor with 10% excess glucose gave an absorption peak at 1084.37cm-1, which was assigned to Ti-OH bond, while no such a peak can be observed for that with 30% excess glucose. The prepared precursor powders were then sintered at 1400oC in nitrogen atmosphere. XRD and SEM results indicated that the sintering time and the contents of glucose had great effects on synthesizing titanium nitride powders. The titanium nitride powders with a high purity and a mean grain size of about 35 nm could be prepared by heating the precursor with 10% excess glucose at 1400oC for 6.5 h.
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