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Authors: Ming Yi Zhang, Hai Lei Kou, Wei Zhang
Abstract: Different constitutive models is piecewise adopted including modified Cam clay model in cohesive soil and Drucker–Prager model in sand in order to simulate the penetration of jacked piles with ABAQUS more reasonably in layered soil particularly in interactive cohesive and sandy layered soil. Simultaneously, a series of other measures are taken including smoothing the angular corner between the tip and the shaft of a pile in the penetration process, allowing elastic slip even local detachment in pile-soil interface, making the initial stress equilibrium in layered soil come true by means of unconventional multiple calculation and so on. Combining with engineering example, the process of successive penetration of jacked pile in layered soil of having significantly different properties and stiff soil-interlayer in soft soil is simulated and calculated successfully, reflecting the abrupt change phenomenon of stress around pile and jacking resistance. And so the conclusion of numerical analysis is consistent with the in-situ observations.
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