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Authors: Yang Cao, Ming Zong, Jing Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, a novel structure of hybrid magnetic bearing with PM bias and inductance displacement sensor is proposed. The operating principle of the hybrid magnetic bearing with PM bias is introduced. The Electromagnetic Force Model is built in the paper, which is useful for the hybrid magnetic bearing control. An example is given. The analysis of finite element method shows that the structure of the hybrid magnetic bearing with PM bias proposed in the paper is feasible and the calculation method for hybrid magnetic circuit is correct.
Authors: Ming Zong, Xiao Kang Wang, Yang Cao
Abstract: PM (Permanent Magnet) biased magnetic bearing with PM to replace the magnetic field produced by electromagnet an Active Magnetic Bearing generated static bias magnetic field, it can reduce the power consumption of power amplifier to reduce the number of turns of magnet safety, reduce the volume of magnetic bearings, reducing electromagnetic coil operating current, thereby reducing the power amplifier power control system and heat sink size, magnetic bearings significantly reduce power loss, and fundamentally reduce the cost of bearing. In this paper, a kind of PM biased magnetic bearings, describes its structure and working principle, derived a mathematical model of magnetic bearing and magnetic circuit of PM biased magnetic bearings are calculated, given the specific PM biased magnetic bearing size and accordingly calculate the parameters of magnetic bearings. A magnetic model constructed using Simulink simulation method, and constructed using this method, magnetic bearing specific mathematical model simulation results show that the rotor position in the balance, X and Y decoupling between the control winding, while the deviation from equilibrium position time, X and Y control coupling between the windings, the simulation results and the calculation results.
Authors: Ming Zong, Zheng Di Cao, Tian Yu Dong
Abstract: Contactors as low-voltage electrical products are largely used, contact bounce when contactor closing and arc which produces during opening is the main factor influencing a contactor’s life. This paper proposed a new structure that asynchronous modular, N-pole contactors consist of N independent contact systems, achieved each contact individually controlled by closed-loop control. This is a new idea in the field of structural design and control of contactors. This paper designed the structure size of the electromagnetic system, used Simulink software to build the model, studied dynamic characteristics of the contacts, and obtained a new closed-loop control method at last. This new method can effectively eliminate contact bounce when the contact closing and the arc generated when breaking, and increases the service life of the contactor.
Authors: Ming Zong, Jie Shi, Yin Feng Zhou, Yi Dan Sun
Abstract: In order to guarantee the belt conveyor reliable operation, it is necessary to find and ruled out the possibility of failure. This paper introduced the CAN bus technology and in its’ application use the CANopen protocol which is windly used in the internation to complete timely and effective monitoring of the switch.
Authors: Ming Zong, Qian Wang, Feng Ge Zhang
Abstract: In order to online real-time monitor of underground cable tunnel environment and running state, the timely discover and preclude troubleshooting that may occur, and to ensure the safety and reliability of the cable running. This article describes the underground cable environment online monitoring system platform based on CAN bus technology, and which is in its application layer using a common international CANopen protocol. This paper focuses on the realization of analog modules. It provides timely and effective monitoring method for real-time monitoring of the underground cable environment.
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